[ITP] iperf 2.0.4

Mike White mikewhite22@yahoo.com
Sun Mar 14 06:48:00 GMT 2010

Hello.  I've made a cygwin package for iperf, a commonly used tool for testing IP network performance.  I believe it should be included in cygwin.

I am not a developer of the project itself.  The source comes from:

An example of a stable Linux distro that includes the package:

Here is my setup.hint file:

category: Net
requires: cygwin
sdesc: "Internet Protocol bandwidth measuring tool"
ldesc: "Iperf was developed by NLANR/DAST as a modern alternative for measuring maximum TCP and UDP bandwidth performance. Iperf allows the tuning of various parameters and UDP characteristics. Iperf reports bandwidth, delay jitter, datagram loss."

The packages I created may presently be downloaded from:

I have tested basic functionality under cygwin in both client mode and server mode and there were no problems.  Timing seems to be reasonable.

The build was completely straightforward with no patches needed.  However, if bugs do arise, I am an experienced C/C++ coder so I should be able to maintain the package.

Michael White

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