setup: use external crypto libraries

Dave Korn
Fri Mar 19 17:50:00 GMT 2010

On 19/03/2010 00:40, Charles Wilson wrote:

> About a week after this patch, or something like it, goes in, I'll
> prepare another one that actually removes libgpg-error/ and libgcrypt/

  I really can't see any benefit in separating the two.  For a week, people
checking out CVS will have to download eight megs of code that isn't even
going to be used any more!?

> Built and tested; the setup.exe works fine.  However, unlike my report
> here:, THIS time
> I did get the error from upx:
>   upx: setup.exe: CantPackException: TLS callbacks are not supported

  It comes from tlssup.o in libmingw32.a, in the most recent mingw-runtime


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