ITA: xinetd

Charles Wilson
Tue Mar 23 02:03:00 GMT 2010

I plan eventually to retire the inetd portion of inetutils, in favor of
this resurrected package. It's been orphaned for years; the last update
was in 2002.

It's basically a new port, incorporating patches from fedora and debian,
plus some additional fixes for cygwin.  It supports IPv6 as well as
libwrap access control.  All of the built-in services work, and I've
tested it with r* and telnet servers.

It doesn't work entirely correctly on cygwin-1.7.1 (UDP services aren't
available), but that's due to a bug in cygwin that will be fixed in
1.7.2. However, these packages were built against a 1.7.2 snapshot, so I
won't actually be uploading them until 1.7.2 is released.

However, if you're already using a snapshot, give 'em a try.

=============== setup.hint =================
category: Net
requires: libwrap0 libgcc1 csih
sdesc: "The eXtended InterNET Daemon"
ldesc: "Xinetd is a secure replacement for inetd, the Internet services
daemon. Xinetd provides access control for all services based on the
address of the remote host and/or on time of access and can prevent
denial-of-access attacks. Xinetd provides extensive logging, has no
limit on the number of server arguments, and lets you bind specific
services to specific IP addresses on your host machine. Each service
has its own specific configuration file for Xinetd; the files are
located in the /etc/xinetd.d directory."


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