[ITA] ocaml 3.12.0

Damien Doligez Damien.Doligez@inria.fr
Mon Sep 6 12:53:00 GMT 2010

Dear Cygwin packagers,

It looks like the ocaml package is abandoned: the current version
(OCaml 3.08.1) dates back to 2006, and the listed maintainer is
Igor Pechtchanski (from before he changed his name).

Unless it is by design that OCaml is held back to an obsolete version,
I would like to volunteer to take over maintainership.

I'm one of the main developers of OCaml, and I've been a cygwin user
for a few years now.  I'm getting tired of reinstalling OCaml by hand
on every new cygwin I install...
I have read through the Cygwin Package Contributor's Guide (twice).

This is the contents of my setup.hint file for the updated package,
mostly unchanged from Igor's version:

sdesc: "The Objective Caml compiler and runtime"
ldesc: "Objective Caml is a fast modern type-inferring functional
programming language descended from the ML (Meta Language)
family.  The OCaml compiler is developed at INRIA's project-team
requires: cygwin libncurses7
category: Interpreters Devel

-- Damien

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