[PATCH 1/2] Copy setup.exe to /bin/cygwin-setup.exe

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Thu Feb 3 10:31:00 GMT 2011

On Feb  2 23:24, Jon TURNEY wrote:
> Make a copy of setup.exe as /bin/cygwin-setup.exe.
> This enables a few useful things:
> - Register that copy of setup.exe with Add/Remove programs

While that sounds nice, doesn't that introduce more puzzled questions?
I can easily imagine people thinking they can remove the entire Cygwin
distro by removing setup.exe via Ad//Remove programs.

> - Add a start menu item pointing to that copy of setup.exe
> - Type 'cygwin-setup -q -P<package>' to install a package

Nice idea, but here's another problem lurking, UAC.  If you try to start
cygwin-setup as a admin user from a non-elevated shell, you'll get a
puzzeling error message, because there's the word "setup" in the
application name.

The reason: With UAC default settings, Windows will try to start the
application as an installer with admin permissions, and that's not
possible from a non-elevated shell.  It will trying to do so with
every binary containing one of the words "instal", "setup", "patch",
or "update".

The workaround is to add a side-by-side manifest file, just as, for
instance, the "install.exe" binary.

> Questions:
> Would setup.exe be a better choice of name?

cygwin-setup is as good a name as setup, IMHO.

> Does Add/Remove item for cygwin behave at all sensibly with multiple
> cygwin installations?

Good question.  Didn't you try?

>  static void
> +copy_setup(void)
> +{
> +  setupname = backslash (cygpath ("/bin/cygwin-setup.exe"));
> +
> +  /*
> +    Copy this executable to the cygwin bin directory
> +    (this might fail we are already running from there... :-))
> +  */
> +  TCHAR filename[MAX_PATH+1];
> +  GetModuleFileName(NULL, filename, MAX_PATH);
> +  CopyFile(filename, setupname.c_str(), FALSE);

Please set 0755 permissions after copying, provided the CopyFile
didn't return an error.


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