[ITA] - base-files

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Wed Feb 9 15:42:00 GMT 2011

On 2/6/2011 4:40 PM, David Sastre wrote:
> I have a question yet: is there a consistent way of knowing
> the GID of users with administrative privileges (from a windows
> perspective) so that could be used to add /usr/sbin to their paths? 

AFAIK, this requires Win32 C code.  Take a look at the code in winsec.c
that is part of cygwin's login package -- and how it is used in login.c
to determine Administrator membership (see "isROOT_UID()" in login,.c).

It's possible some part of this functionality could be added to an
executable utility in cygutils or csih, but...should base-files really
depend on either of those packages?  Maybe instead, base-files should
also ship some new utility .exe for this purpose in /usr/bin/?

> Would that be useful?

Maybe, but admin user accounts can always add /usr/sbin themselves, in
~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc.  (I usually don't bother, and just invoke
sbin progs by full path).  Dunno if it's worth the effort.


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