libsigsegv packaging problem

Corinna Vinschen
Tue May 3 07:55:00 GMT 2011

Hi Reini,

I have a problem with the libsigsegv package.  Right now the gawk
maintainer started the testing cycle for the next gawk release, and the
second time now the sigsegv.h header broke the build.

The reason for the breakage is the same each time, sigsegv.h includes
windows.h and thus clutters the namespace with stuff unexpected by a
POSIX application:

- The first time it was the definition of "WCHAR".

- The second time it was the definition of "small"i, which, believe it
  or not, is defined as datatype in .

- And there's still the definition of "min", which fortunately only
  produces a warning.

AFAICS the only reason to include windows.h is to get the definition of
the CONTEXT type which in turn is used to typedef stackoverflow_context_t.

Is it really necessary to expose this to the application?  Wouldn't it
be better to define stackoverflow_context_t to void * for applications?
THus we can drop the unfortunate inclusion of windows.h and not clutter
the POSIX namespace with Windows definitions.


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