setup and mintty (was Re: New setup.exe release?)

Corinna Vinschen
Thu May 26 12:18:00 GMT 2011

On May 26 13:09, Andy Koppe wrote:
> On 26 May 2011 12:51, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > That begs for the question why the start menu entry isn't managed
> > entirely by mintty's postinstall/preremove scripts.  In theory we can
> > reduce setup to ask for the desktop icon.  The start menu entry is
> > always created, and it's always created by mintty.  That would make the
> > entire affair much easier, isn't it?
> Good point. The only argument against that I can think of is that the
> postinstall script shortcut is non-optional. There have been some
> minor complaints about that before.
> (Setup.exe would still need to nuke "Cygwin Bash Shell").

I'm willing to ignore both problems.  Mintty isn't the only package
to fill the Cygwin or Cygwin/X menu.  Removing an existent Cygwin Bash
Shell seems a bit harsh.  But that's just me.  What do other think?


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