[PATCH] Multiple --site options

szgyg szgyg@ludens.elte.hu
Mon May 30 09:28:00 GMT 2011

I want to say `./setup.exe --site <ports> --site <local-repo>', so there 
it is.

2011-05-30  SZAVAI Gyula <szgyg@ludens.elte.hu>

	* libgetopt++/src/StringArrayOption.cc: New file.
	* libgetopt++/include/getopt++/StringArrayOption.h: New file.
	* libgetopt++/Makefile.am: Add new files.
	* site.cc (SiteSetting::SiteSetting): Use them for multiple
	--site options.
	* crypto.cc (verify_ini_file_sig): Use them for multiple
	--pubkey and --sexpr-pubkey options.
	* package_meta.cc (packagemeta::isManuallyWanted): Use them for
	multiple --packages and --categories options.

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