[ITP] imlib2

Christopher Faylor cgf-use-the-mailinglist-please@cygwin.com
Fri Nov 4 16:34:00 GMT 2011

On Fri, Nov 04, 2011 at 05:11:33PM +0100, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>On Nov  3 16:49, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
>> imlib2 is an image loading library from the Enlightenment project.
>> ftp://ftp.cygwinports.org/pub/cygwinports/release-2/Enlightenment/imlib2/
>> imlib2 is already in the major distros, and is required for an upcoming
>> update to openbox.
>So no question that we need it.  Yaakov, if you have to pull in packages
>because they are a requirement for newer versions of packages already
>in the distro, you really don't need to ITP them.  Give us a quick note
>on this list and then just go auto-ahead.  Don't wait for us slackers to
>cope with it.



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