[ITP] astrometry.net-0.38-1

Jussi Kantola jussi.kantola@gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 10:00:00 GMT 2011

Well, well.

I'm grateful for esp. the hours Chuck put into this, and for having at
least seen the process and all, but I suppose it's time to end this --
I just can't bear to watch losing all the votes so bravely fought for

AstroTortilla is fine with a custom repo.  All we ever wanted was to
be able to install astrometry.net with Cygwin's setup.exe.  There were
two reasons for doing the ITP: 1) Astrometry.net is immensely useful,
albeit for a relatively minor userbase (*), and it *will* be part of
both Cygwin and all the other major/applicable distros, eventually 2)
the thought never occured to me that custom repos are possible ...

(*) So-called computerized GOTO telescopes have been sold by the
unknown tens if not hundreds of thousands over the past 10-20yrs.  ALL
of them are essentially fixed by AstroTortilla, which critically
relies on Astrometry.net.  So it may well be that once the word gets
out that there's a GOTO correction program just like the one Hubble
Space Telescope uses, available for amateur astronomers and compatible
with their trusty old mounts, we'll see some downloads.  How many
would we need for it to be considered significant enough?

Is this document still valid?
Anything else I need to know?

Thanks once again for your time and effort!  I'm sorry the lessons you
gave me will go down the drain if I won't become a package manager ...


If this message doesn't turn out to be the end of story just yet, let
it be known that I will have a look at building the package with
dynamic linking, if package size is deemed a bigger issue than the
superficially miniscule userbase.  It's just there's work (as in
paycheck) to do, and my family has very recently grown by one, so I'm
in no greater hurry with this than before ...

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