Packaging glitch in libaspell-devel, libaspell15 and libgs9

Corinna Vinschen
Fri Nov 18 10:30:00 GMT 2011

Hi Volker,

the following three packages are accidentally defining the category
"Lib", rather than the correct "Libs":


I tweaked the setup.hint files on  Please change that in
your local copies, too.

Btw., when you introduce new packages (for instamce libgs9) or obsolete
old packages, can you please keep the file "cygwin-pkg-maint"
up-to-date?  The file is under CVS control together with the entire set
of docs on

  cvs -d co htdocs

For the latest packages I already made the changes, but it might be
better if you have a look to see that I didn't miss anything.


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