Setup announcement

Mon Nov 21 14:28:00 GMT 2011

On 21/11/2011 09:52, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> most of the changes and fixes in the new setup.exe release from this
> weekend are yours per the ChangeLog.  I don't know exactly what to write
> in an announcement.  Here's what I have so far.  Can you please have a
> look and revise it?

Sure, some suggestions interleaved

> - Now that mintty has become part of the default installation, setup will
>   create desktop and start menu shortcuts called "Cygwin Terminal", which
>   point to mintty, starting your default shell as noted in /etc/passwd.
> - The desktop and start menu shortcuts use new icons.
> - Remove "Prev" button from Chooser page.  The behaviour was confusing
>   and unnecessary.
> - In unattanded mode, if packages were selected on command line,
>   install only these, not their dependencies.
>   --- Is that correct?  Or are the dependencies installed as well,
>       but not unrelated packages?

The change I made is supposed to prevent unrelated, already installed packages
from getting updated. So perhaps

"In unattended mode, if packages were selected on command line,
install only those, don't also upgrade all installed packages"

> - Improve progress bar display.

"Various improvements so progress bar shows progress during operations which
may take a long time with a large number of packages selected."

> - Fix behaviour when reading broken tar archives.

"Fix hang when reading broken or pbzip2 compressed tar archives"

> - Improve error messages related to reading and writing files.

Also a few earlier changes you didn't mention:

- Canonicalize mirror URLs so they always end with a '/'

- Fix a bug which would lead to setup getting stuck on the dependency
checking progress page in unattended mode when a dependency of an already
installed package was not installed somehow.

Correct the description of the -K option in help text

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