Cygwin Terminal icon broken on case-sensitive systems

Andy Koppe
Thu Nov 24 16:11:00 GMT 2011

On 24 November 2011 15:42, Andy Koppe wrote:
> I'm afraid there's a problem with the new "Cygwin Terminal" icon
> (which I'm sorry not to have spotted when reviewing the change).
> Setup.exe creates the mintty shortcuts with '-i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico',
> yet the icon file it creates is called 'cygwin-terminal.ico', i.e. all
> lowercase. This means that users of systems with case sensitivity
> enabled just get to see a dialog box saying "/usr/bin/mintty: could
> not load icon from '/Cygwin-Terminal.ico'".

Actually, I take it all back. I'd confused myself by still having a
'cygwin-terminal.ico' lying around from earlier experiments. Setup.exe
does create it with the correct name.

> Apparently at least two users have fallen foul of this already:

Still leaves the question what's going on there.


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