ITP: algol68g

Thomas Wolff
Sun Apr 1 19:30:00 GMT 2012

Am 01.04.2012 06:35, schrieb Yaakov (Cygwin/X):
> On 2012-03-31 15:08, Thomas Wolff wrote:
>> wget
> requires: is incorrect; 'cygwin' should not be listed, libncurses10 is 
> missing.  The sdesc: should be quoted.
OK, will be fixed.
>> wget
>> wget
> * Where did you get this version of sources from?  No such version is 
> listed on the website.
 From the author, after discussing cygwin build problems.
> * Why did you omit the gsl, libplot, and postgresql features?
Which means I should add dependencies, I guess, and rebuild (I tested on 
one system where these packages are installed so they were included by 
'configure' - then I built on a different system; thanks for noticing.)


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