[ITA?] libXaw3d

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) yselkowitz@users.sourceforge.net
Mon Apr 2 19:50:00 GMT 2012

Dr. Volker Zell,

X.Org has taken over maintenance of libXaw3d, cleaned up the code, 
switched from imake to autotools, and is releasing tarballs in the same 
fashion as other X.Org components.  Would you like me to take libXaw3d 
as part of the X11R7.7 update, or do you want to continue handling it? 
(xorg.cygclass will do the bulk of the work for you.)

Either way, the ABI version has been bumped to 8, so gv, xemacs, and 
xfig will need a rebuild for the new libXaw3d.


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