Possible Open Group additions to Cygwin man pages

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Wed Apr 4 12:19:00 GMT 2012

On Apr  4 06:40, Wayne Newberry wrote:
> I've tracked down the following list of Open Group man pages that
> correspond to Cygwin commands that have no man pages.
> at               -- at.1p
> compress   -- compress.1p
> ed              -- ed.1p
> gencat        -- gencat.1p
> getconf       -- getconf.1p
> uncompress -- uncompress.1p
> vi                 -- vi.1p (May require only a symbolic link in the
> vi package to the vim man page.)
> write            -- write.1p
> Corinna,
> Can you confirm that this list is accurate?

You can check this yourself using the Cygwin Package Search facility
on http://cygwin.com/packages/

However, the .1 man pages are not really important and are in the
responsibility of the respective package.  For instance, GNU ed
does simply not have a man page, only an info page.  That's ok.

Yaakov, the vim package always came with a vi.1 symlink pointing to the
vim.1 man page, in the old days ;).
Can you re-add this when packaging the next version of vim at one


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