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Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Wed Aug 8 15:40:00 GMT 2012

On Aug  6 20:06, Warren Young wrote:
> $ cd .../release
> $ wget -e robots=off -X from-box --cut-dirs=1 -np -nH -A'*3.7.13-1*' \
>     -r http://etr-usa.com/cygwin/sqlite3/
> That should populate the release/sqlite3 sub-tree correctly.

Not entirely.  The new sqlite3-debuginfo package just lingers in the
top-level sqlite3 directory.  It's supposed to go into its own
sqlite3-debuginfo subdir with its own setup.hint file, which has been
generated by cygport (should be under dist/sqlite3/sqlite3-debuginfo).

> Please leave both 3.7.12-1 *and* 3.7.3-1 as prev, if that's
> possible.  I don't want 3.7.3-1 dropped until I'm sure this version
> fixes the svn disk I/O error.  (At that point, we can drop .12 as
> well.)  If I can have only one, I'd prefer to keep 3.7.3-1.

You can have only one, unfortunately.  It's no problem to keep
old versions around, but they won't be accessible via setup.

Why don't you create custom setup.hint files with prev, curr and
test entries, so that the new 3.7.13-1 is "test" for now?


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