gdk-pixbuf update? (attn: Chuck)

Yaakov (Cygwin/X)
Tue Aug 21 19:18:00 GMT 2012

On 2012-08-21 09:21, Ken Brown wrote:
> As a result of the recent libpng update, emacs won't build.  emacs-X11
> depends on gdk-pixbuf, and the latter (in its *.pc file) requires
> libpng14.

And *this* shows the problem with removing libpng14-devel without 
warning.  It's not just gdk-pixbuf2.0; -lpng14 shows up in a few other 
.pc files (all of which are exclusive to Ports) and *numerous* .la 
files, and they are now ALL broken because of this change.  (Makes me 
glad to have ridden my system of most .la files, and is YA temptation to 
change the KEEP_LA_FILES default to "none".)

Chuck, for someone who hates flag days with a passion[1], you have most 
ironically forced one upon us without warning.  Please rectify that by 
restoring libpng14-devel (with 1.4-versioned files only, of course) ASAP.

> I manually changed libpng14 to libpng15 just to allow the
> build to complete, but I don't know what consequences that might have.

None; you could just remove it entirely if you wanted.

> Are you planning a gdk-pixbuf update in the near future?

I hadn't gotten around to the libpng updates yet.  Since this is a 
bigger issue than just gdk-pixbuf, the solution is to restore 
libpng14-devel in the short term.



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