Question about introducing a new sub-package

David Stacey
Sun Dec 2 00:30:00 GMT 2012

I have a build of doxygen of 1.8.2 that I am in the last throws of 
testing. In addition to the main doxygen executable, I have managed to 
build doxywizard, which is a Qt-based GUI for editing the doxygen 
configuration files. doxywizard built from the same sources as doxygen 
itself, and is included in many popular Linux distros [1] [2].

In common with the distros that include it, I have put doxywizard in its 
own package. When I'm ready to upload, would you like an [ITP] (because 
I'm introducing a new package) or should I go straight for an [RFU] 
(because it is just a sub-package of doxygen)?

Warren Young: You mentioned that you would like your 1.7.4 build of 
doxygen leaving as the previous release for a little while. Would you 
like 1.7.4 kept as previous this time (in which case I'll have 1.8.0 
removed), or are you happy for 1.7.4 to go? If it's any help, I haven't 
had any feedback whatsoever about my 1.8.0 build (which I assume is good 

Many thanks in advance for your advice,



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