[RFC] Packaging texlive

Peter Rosin peda@lysator.liu.se
Tue Feb 28 23:01:00 GMT 2012

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) skrev 2012-02-28 10:01:
> On Tue, 2012-02-28 at 09:22 +0100, Peter Rosin wrote:
>> Hi Ken!
>> First of all, a big and warm thank you!
> IMHO you would have been better off stopping here.


>> But I just can't leave this info uncommented, despite the gratitude,
>> it is just too long a way from a previous quote about TeX Live
>> needing nothing else to be installed and maintained and that TeX
>> Live is working OOTB on Cygwin [1].  Missing deps and two clashes
>> with existing packages (not counting tetex*) and you call that no
>> maintenance?
> To me this sounds like you are criticizing Ken for allegedly
> underestimating the maintenance burden of TeX Live.  Perhaps you should
> rephrase or withdraw this statement to avoid that implication.
> To answer your question nonetheless, you are comparing apples and
> oranges.  The earlier message is referring to the TeX Live distribution
> (which uses its own copies of some deps) using their tlmgr script
> (presumably into a unique prefix); now we're discussing integration with
> the Cygwin distribution (into /usr with system deps).  The latter has
> different considerations, as noted on TeX Live's own website[1].

I simply failed to think of the possibility of bundled dependencies.
Sorry for making an a** of myself, and apologies.


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