[Patch] Rebase: new switch --ephemeral

ASSI Stromeko@nexgo.de
Wed Jun 13 19:19:00 GMT 2012

I've implemented a new option that allows to temporarily rebase some files 
without messing up the rebase database.  This is needed for instance when 
one compiles Perl modules with DLL and wants to test them in the build 
directory.  I hope this can be implemented into the release version so that 
this new feature can be used by cygport.

A patch implementing the new feature is attached together with a Perl script 
that can read out the information from the rebase database.  There is no 
immediate use for this script, but it might come in handy at times — my 
first idea was to extract some information from the rebase database and use 
this to do a manual rebase, but it turned out to be easier to implement 
directly in rebase itself, so I went ahead and did that.

I also fixed two small bugs/typos along the way. 

Complete source and fully built packages for Cygwin can be made available on 

+<[Q+ Matrix-12 WAVE#46+305 Neuron microQkb Andromeda XTk Blofeld]>+

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