[Patch] Rebase: new switch --ephemeral

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Mon Jun 18 08:59:00 GMT 2012

On Jun 13 21:19, ASSI wrote:
> I've implemented a new option that allows to temporarily rebase some files 
> without messing up the rebase database.  This is needed for instance when 
> one compiles Perl modules with DLL and wants to test them in the build 
> directory.  I hope this can be implemented into the release version so that 
> this new feature can be used by cygport.
> A patch implementing the new feature is attached together with a Perl script 
> that can read out the information from the rebase database.  There is no 
> immediate use for this script, but it might come in handy at times — my 
> first idea was to extract some information from the rebase database and use 
> this to do a manual rebase, but it turned out to be easier to implement 
> directly in rebase itself, so I went ahead and did that.

The implementation of -E is a bit lacking, IMHO.

The description implies that the ephemeral file list gets "also" rebased.
So I take it that there are two lists of files, the ones which get
rebased and are written back into the DB, and the ephemeral ones which
get rebased but are not written back.
However, if the -E option is used, your patch does not write back the DB
at all.  The result is that the DB will not reflect reality anymore for
those DLLs which are supposed to be stored in the DB.

Another problem is this.  The idea of the DB stuff is to make sure that
the DLLs on the system are rebased in a compact way.  Since your
ephemeral DLLs are handled exactly like the persistent DLLs in
merge_image_info, the ephemeral and persistent DLLs memory addresses
will be blended together.  So you generate holes in the memory layout
of the persistent DLLs, which is kind of contrary to the idea behind

Therefore I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to handle the ephemeral
DLLs in a script, which rebases the DLLs below the lowest address in the
DB.  It should be pretty simple, kind of like this:

  low_addr=$(rebase -si | head -1 | awk '{ print $1 }')
  rebase -b $low_addr -d -T /path/to/ephemeral_dll_list


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