cygport: building texlive-collection-* during pretest

Ken Brown
Tue Jun 26 12:28:00 GMT 2012

On 6/26/2012 1:13 AM, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
> On Fri, 2012-06-22 at 15:32 -0400, Ken Brown wrote:
>> Prior to each year's TeX Live release, there is a lengthy pretest period
>> during which the normal tlnet archive (mirror://ctan/systems/texlive/tlnet/archive,
>> in cygport language) is frozen.  All updates during this period are done
>> to a special pretest archive with various mirrors.
>> How do you suggest dealing with this?
> How about defining TEXLIVE_PRETEST with the attached patch?

It's better than what I proposed.  Thanks.  And I just figured out why I 
thought my approach didn't work: I was putting my define in 
~/cygport.conf instead of ~/.cygport.conf.


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