cygport: user-supplied download action?

Corinna Vinschen
Mon May 7 08:50:00 GMT 2012

On May  6 16:21, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
> On 2012-05-06 06:35, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >Some upstream packages are not available as tar archives, but can only
> >be fetched directly from their source code control repo.  How would you
> >fetch them via cygport?
> cygport supports downloading from bzr, cvs, fossil, git, hg, mtn,
> and svn repositories through cygclasses; see the manual for details.

Oh, right, thanks.

I played with the cvs cygclass and I still have a problem.  The problem
is that the code expects the checked out CVS module to have the same
name as ${PN}.  Yes, I can change the CVS_MODULE variable (which is not
documented, btw), but it doesn't really help.

Consider I would like to convert the cygwin package to cygport packed.
So I create a tag and then...

  inherit cvs

`cygport fetch' fails, because it expects that the unpacked directory
is called ${CVS_MODULE}.  But in fact, the source code dir fetched
from sourceware is called "src".  "winsup" is just a subdirectory.
So the call

  tar cf [...] ${CVS_MODULE}

doesn't work.

Using the `cvs checkout -d' option doesn't work either here.  It's not
working as one expects it, and the additional -N option makes it only
marginally better.

What I'm missing here is a way to rename the checked out directory "src"
(or whatever it's name is) to ${PN}-${PV}, and then use ${PN}-${PV} in
the tar call and for the SRC_DIR name as usual for other packages.

Here's a suggestion for a patch which allows to do exactly that.  Before
calling "inherit cvs", just set a variable $CVS_TOPLEVEL to the name of
the toplevel directory of the repository you're trying to fetch from:

  inherit cvs

The patch:

--- cygclass/cvs.cygclass.ORIG	2012-05-07 10:40:14.961697400 +0200
+++ cygclass/cvs.cygclass	2012-05-07 10:42:38.240696236 +0200
@@ -44,10 +44,19 @@
 # is this truly necessary?
+if defined CVS_TOPLEVEL
+	cvs_tarball="${PN}-${PV}.tar.bz2"
+	cvs_tarball="${CVS_MODULE//\//-}-${PV}.tar.bz2"
 SRC_URI="${cvs_tarball} "
+if ! defined CVS_TOPLEVEL
 cvs_fetch() {
 	local cvs_branch
@@ -93,7 +102,13 @@ cvs_fetch() {
 	cd ${T}
 	verbose cvs -d ${CVS_URI} checkout ${cvs_branch} ${cvs_date} ${CVS_MODULE}
-	tar ${_tar_bz2_flag}cf ${top}/${cvs_tarball} --exclude-vcs ${CVS_MODULE}
+	if defined CVS_TOPLEVEL
+	then
+		mv "${CVS_TOPLEVEL}" "${PN}-${PV}"
+		tar ${_tar_bz2_flag}cf ${top}/${cvs_tarball} --exclude-vcs "${PN}-${PV}"
+	else
+		tar ${_tar_bz2_flag}cf ${top}/${cvs_tarball} --exclude-vcs ${CVS_MODULE}
+	fi
 readonly -f cvs_fetch


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