cygport: Adding arbitrary files to the src package

Corinna Vinschen
Mon May 7 15:07:00 GMT 2012

On May  7 09:42, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
> On 2012-05-07 05:33, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >assuming I'd like to add some arbitrary files to the source package, so
> >that the -src package looks like this:
> >
> >   foo-3.4.5.tar.bz2
> >   foo-3.4.5-1.cygport
> >   foo-3.4.5-1.cygwin.patch
> >   foo-3.4.5-1.src.patch
> >   arbitrary-file-1
> >   arbitrary-file-2
> >
> >The idea here is that the files are neither part of the sources, nor do
> >I want the files to be part of the patches since they aren't patches.
> >They are just some files which should show up in the source package for
> >some dubious reason of my own.
> If they are not compressed files, you can add them to SRC_URI and
> they will be copied into $S during unpack.  If you need them
> elsewhere, and they are text, copy them into $S after unpacking and
> they should end up in your .src.patch, which you can rename and add
> to PATCH_URI for future use.  (Just include a patch to some existing
> file in order to "anchor" the patch.)

Well, as I wrote in,
the file is generated when calling `cygport compile'.

> As always, if you could specify the actual package and .cygport you
> are trying to build, I may be able to find other solutions.

Attached.  See the FIXME comment.


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DESCRIPTION="The UNIX emulation engine"

inherit cvs

DIFF_EXCLUDES="newlib/libc/ newlib/libm/"

# This is needed since we otherwise end up with two dirs in usr/share/doc
# which only differ by case, "cygwin" and "Cygwin".  That's not feasible for
# the distro.  Therefore we suppress generation of the default docs and create
# our own cygwin-${PV} dir for the docs in src_install.

src_compile() {
  cd ${B}
  cygconf --localstatedir=/var

src_install() {
  cd ${B}
  # tooldir and gcc_tooldir must be set to install correctly even when
  # building on a non-Cygwin build machine.
  MAKEOPTS='-j1 tooldir=/usr gcc_tooldir=/usr' cyginstall

  ### FIXME:
  ### Where to put the cygwin1.dbg file so that it ends up "as is" in the
  ### source tarball?
  # cp ${B}/i686-pc-cygwin/winsup/cygwin/cygwin1.dbg ???

  cd ${S}
  docinto /${P}

  cd ${D}
  rm -rf usr/bin/mingwm10.dll usr/include/iconv.h usr/include/mingw \
	 usr/include/w32api usr/include/unctrl.h usr/lib/libiberty.a \
	 usr/lib/mingw usr/lib/w32api usr/share/doc/mingw-runtime \
	 usr/share/info usr/share/locale usr/share/man/manmingw

  cd ${C}
  cat > setup.hint <<-EOF
	sdesc: "The UNIX emulation engine"
	category: Base
	requires: base-cygwin
	noautodep: _update-info-dir
	autodep: .*
	message: new-cygwin-version "This is the first time you've installed Cygwin 1.7.x.
	Please be advised that this is a major release.
	If you have not done so already, please check out
	the documentation at to see how
	the upgrade could potentially affect any existing
	Cygwin installation.

	If this is the first time you've installed Cygwin on
	this system then you can ignore this message."

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