ITP nmh 1.5

David Levine
Sat May 19 15:55:00 GMT 2012

I verified that none of the nmh files conflict with files of any
other Cygwin package.


I wrote:

> I added "libgdbm4 libncurses10" to "requires" in setup.hint,
> see below.
> In addition, "gdbm", "libgdbm-devel", and "libncurses-devel"
> are needed to build the nmh package.  Is there a way to
> specify that?
> Also, "less" is needed to run "make check".
> Thanks,
> David
> setup.hint:
> sdesc: "A capable mail handling system with a command line interface"
> ldesc: "A capable mail handling system with a command line interface.
> Nmh isn't a single comprehensive program.  Instead, it consists of
> simple, single-purpose programs for sending, receiving, saving,
> retrieving, and otherwise manipulating email messages.  You can freely
> intersperse nmh commands with other shell commands or write custom
> scripts which utilize nmh commands.  If you want to use nmh as a true
> email user agent, you'll want to also install xmh to provide a user
> interface for it--nmh only has a command line interface.  nmh is
> configured to use less and vim by default but options allow use of
> more and emacs, respectively."
> category: Mail
> requires: libgdbm4 libncurses10

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