Names for debug packages

Ken Brown
Sat May 26 12:18:00 GMT 2012

There's been discussion on the cygwin list about packages containing 
debug symbols, most recently in

where the consensus (I think) was that package maintainers could provide 
such packages if they wanted to.  I would like to provide a package 
containing debug symbols for emacs-*.exe, but I'm not sure what to call 
it.  The thread I just cited discussed *-debuginfo.  But since then 
Reini has released perl_debuginfo, and Corinna has released 
cygwin-debug.  Could/should we standardize these names?  I don't know 
whether to call my new package emacs-debuginfo, emacs_debuginfo, or 
emacs-debug.  My personal preference is the last one, simply because 
it's short.


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