Install.exe glitch: percentage complete portion of the Cygwin Setup header displays >100% completion

Art Strutzenberg
Thu Nov 8 04:29:00 GMT 2012

I was installing the setup as found off the main install page as of
11/7/2012 9:00 PM MST
Current setup is at 480% complete and counting?  I also tried the
installer on a second rig, and this exhibited the same behavior.


1) Setup a pristine box (in my case a win7 SP1 and an R2 instance)
2) Run Setup.exe
3) Root folder is c:\cygwin\root
4) Package folder is c:\cygwin\packages
5) installer option is to change the root "all" option to "install"
(e.g. a kitchen sink install)

Is there any other logs/modes I shoulod be looking at to get further
details?  I also have screen captures from both installs, and can
grant some access to the second rig if need be?

Arthur Strutzenberg

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