Changing dependent library version numbers vs. test packages vs. requires: lines.

Dave Korn
Fri Nov 23 17:16:00 GMT 2012

    Hi all,

  I've got a gcc-4.7.2 package almost ready to upload, but there's one issue
I'm not sure what's best to do about.

  Several of the runtime libs have changed version numbers, i.e.
libgnat4.5->libgnat4.7, libgcj11->libgcj13, libobjc2->libobjc4.

  I'd like to release a test: version of the new compiler, but I don't know
what's best to do for the requires: lines in the setup hint files.

  If I add the new library versions, those dependencies will also be pulled in
by people installing the curr: version of the compiler, but the new libraries
won't exist in curr: versions.

  If I don't, people installing the test: version will have to ensure they
manually select the new runtime libraries, which might be the least worst option.

  Is there any better way to handle this situation?


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