ITP: tnftp -- Enhanced ftp client

Jari Aalto
Mon Oct 8 09:04:00 GMT 2012

wget --recursive --no-host-directories --cut-dirs=3 \ \ \

    # To check packaging

    cd tnftp
    tar -xf *-src.tar.bz2
    ./*.sh --color --verbose all

Included in Debian:


[ setup.hint ]

sdesc: "Enhanced ftp client"
ldesc: "This is the por' of the NetBSD ftp client. The enhancements over the
standard ftp client in 4.4BSD include: command-line editing within
ftp, command-line fetching of URLS, including support for proxies and
auhentication, context sensitive command and filename completion,
dynamic progress bar, IPv6 support (from the WIDE project),
modification time preservation, paging of local and remote files, and
of directory listings, passive mode support, with fallback to active
mode, TIS Firewall Toolkit gate ftp proxy support, transfer-rate
category: Net
requires: libncurses10

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