ITP: xlsx2csv -- Convert xslx xml files to csv format

Jari Aalto
Wed Oct 24 05:27:00 GMT 2012

2012-10-24 01:59 Warren Young
| GTG.
| I hope you can work with the upstream author to fix the hexbarf
| version number, though.

The version number is based on Git version control repository (there are no
official releases):


See e.g.


| Does upset know how to cope with such version numbers

I believe it does if it uses standard string comparison, where, as long as
the version strings sort before and after, all it good.

Using date followed by exact commit id always sorts in the right order. The
"+" sign ensures that it sorts before dot(.):

   0.11+20120814+gitf54ab78 < 0.11.1

   ASCII table order[1]:
   +    Dec 44
   .    Dec 46



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