LICENSE: base-files and use of CC0 - public domain

David Sastre Medina
Thu Oct 25 21:21:00 GMT 2012


Most probably, a wrong assumption on my side.
I am not a lawyer, and most of this parlance goes far beyond my
understanding. I wouldn't mean any harm whatsoever to this project, or
would I purposedly introduced a legal flaw by using the Public Domain
License in the base-files package contents.
What would be more appropriate? GPLv3?

On other news, I'm frankly short of time to dedicate to base-files
mantainership. It has a long time pending promotion from test to
current. The aforementioned github repo is available to anyone who
would like to adopt it, as well as the packages from, of
course. The only outstanding issue I can think of right now, would be 
to revert this change:


The details about this issue can be found here:

I'm still actively monitoring the cygwin list, so I'll try to respond
promptly to any comments or suggestions regarding this question.

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