David Stacey
Wed Oct 31 00:46:00 GMT 2012

I am interested in porting keepassx [1] to Cygwin. This is a programme 
for the secure storage of passwords (e.g. for websites), built on Qt4. I 
have a few questions about this, and would value your opinions:

1. keepassx is present in Cygwin Ports. Yaakov: Are you happy for 
keepassx to be moved into the main Cygwin distro? If so, are you happy 
for me to maintain it, or would you prefer to do so yourself?

2. I have prepared builds of keepassx 0.4.3 (the last stable version) 
and 2.0-alpha3 (latest). We could include both if we wanted, obviously 
with the 'alpha' build as 'test'. Note that it is unlikely that the 
'alpha' build would ever become current - we would just update the 
'test' version periodically until 2.0 became stable. Do you think this 
is a good idea, or is it more effort that it's worth?

3. Version 2.0 is a complete rewrite, and so the two versions have 
slightly different dependencies. How is the best way to manage this in 
the 'setup.hint' file? Should I use a superset of dependencies that 
covers both releases?

I'm not aware that an alpha version of 2.0 exists in any Linux 
distribution (most distros provide 0.4.3), so you may consider that 
2.0-alpha3 is not appropriate for Cygwin. However, even if we choose not 
to take the 'alpha' release at this stage, we will have to solve 
question (3) eventually (when the new 2.0 release becomes current).

Many thanks in advance for your advice,



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