amanda packaging problem

Mark O'Keefe
Wed Sep 26 21:10:00 GMT 2012

On 27/09/2012, at 12:45 AM, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 10:31:43AM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> upset: *** setup.ini: warning - package amanda requires non-existent package libint18
>> For some reason, setup.hint contains both a libint18 and a libintl18.
>> I've removed the libint18.
> Sorry, make that a "libint18" and a "libintl8".
>                          ^                ^
>                         one               L
> cgf

Apologies.  My local packaging process was not using the generated setup.hint file
and didn't pickup the introduced typo.  I also did not upload the latest setup.hint
file thinking it hadn't changed :-(  Should have checked.

Do I upload a new version with the fixed .cygport file to create the correct
setup.hint?  Current source package will have a .cygport with this typo in it
and generate incorrect setup.hint file.

Implications would be a new -9 version with the only real change being the
fixed .cygport file.  Is it worth this?

Thanks for the corrections!


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