ITP: linklint -- A fast link checker and web site maintenance tool

Jari Aalto
Sat Sep 29 09:14:00 GMT 2012

wget --recursive --no-host-directories --cut-dirs=3 \ \ \

Included in Debian:

To check packaging:

  tar -xf *-src.tar.bz2
  ./*.sh --color --verbose all


[ setup.hint ]

sdesc: "A fast link checker and web site maintenance tool"
ldesc: "A Perl program for checking HTML links: both local and remote site
checking, cross referenced and fully hyperlinked output reports, the
ability to check password protected areas, support for all standard
server-side image maps, reports of orphan files, and files with
mismatching case, a report of which URLs have changed since last
checked, support of proxy servers for remote URL checking."
category: Perl Web
requires: perl

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