[ITP] doxygen-1.8.0-1 -- A documentation system for C++, C, Java, Objective-C, IDL (Corba and Microsoft flavors) and to some extent PHP, C#, and D.

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Sat Sep 29 13:34:00 GMT 2012

David Stacey writes:
> The package is built with cygport: the 'src' file contains the
> original doxygen source code (unaltered), a couple of patch files and
> the cygport file itself. As I said, this is my first package - please
> be patient with a newbie, and apologies in advance for any mistakes.

You might want to drop the setup.hint from the cygwin.patch file and let
cygport auto-generate it to take care of dependencies.  You'd need to
add (resp. alter) the SUMMARY, DESCRIPTION and CATEGORY variables to the
cygport file to do this.

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