Sorted list of packages missing in the 64 bit distro yet

Charles Wilson
Thu Aug 1 15:32:00 GMT 2013

On 8/1/2013 10:37 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Alternatively, if you
> think a package doesn't have to be rebuilt for 64 bit (Chuck's older
> automake versions come to mind)

Given that they all had such extensive test suites, I thought it would 
be a useful smoke test to run them on cygwin64.  So, I rebuilt and 
re-ran all of the test suites, on both cygwin32 and cygwin64, for all 
ELEVEN versions [1] of automake...  1.14 should finish in about seven 
more hours. [2]

So...thanks, but... :-)  As soon as the last test is finished, and I 
compose all of the announcement messages, I'll upload everything for 
both 32- and 64-.  Should be sometime this evening or tomorrow morning.

[1] 1.4p6,  1.5,    1.6.3,
     1.7.9,  1.8.5,  1.9.6,
     1.10.3, 1.11.6, 1.12.6,
     1.13.4, 1.14
not counting the automake wrapper (updated to -9, in support of am1.14), 
and the gcc-tools-epoch[1,2]-[autoconf,automake] packages, which are 
also ready for both 32- and 64-.

[2] The good news is, other than the SIGQUIT thing reported earlier, 
behavior on 32- and 64- is identical, when you compensate for the fact 
that some tests are skipped because their prerequisites aren't present 
yet on 64-.   I notice that older automakes now have more failures than 
they did back when originally built/tested (even on cygwin32); that 
appears to be due to changes in autoconf, libtool, and gettext which 
newer automakes have accommodated, but older ones have (obviously) not.

> The list is also available online at
> I'll keep it up-to-date as new packages arrive.
>      editrights

Really? it's in the cygwin-apps repository; I thought *you* were the 

>    Charles Wilson
>      automake1.5
>      automake1.6
>      automake1.7
>      automake1.8

These are in progress...

 >      xpm-nox

This is an obsolete (and marked so in its Category) backwards 
compatibility DLL (cygXpm-noX4.dll).  It was replaced by libXpm-noX 
(libXpm-noX_4 contains cygXpm-noX_4.dll; note the extra underscore) in 
2009.  There has been a 64bit version of libXpm-noX up since 7/1/2013. 
At this point (seven years after last update, and four years since it 
was obsoleted) I think it's okay to simply delete the 32bit xpm-nox. 
There is nothing left that depends on it.

Your call.

 >      alternatives
>      inetutils
>      libAfterImage
>      libassuan
>      libgeotiff
>      libksba
>      libtirpc
>      login
>      mingw-libgcrypt
>      mingw-libgpg-error
>      mingw-xz
>      nfrotz
>      p7zip
>      pinentry
>      proj
>      pth
>      rpcgen
>      rsh
>      rxvt
>      ssmtp
>      sunrpc
>      tack
>      xerces-c
>      xinetd
 >      xsri

...and these aren't, yet.  Sigh.  There's also a number of packages that 
Yaakov built for 64 (ncurses, others; thanks, Yaakov!) that I need to 
pull over to my repo -- simply so I'll be prepared to continue 
maintenance in the future.  I might also, at that time, update them as well.

I've got a big ol' list.


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