Cygport per-package PKG_EXCLUDE?

Corinna Vinschen
Sat Aug 3 18:03:00 GMT 2013

Hi Yaakov,

I'm not quite happy with the monolithic packaging of my new pl package.
I'd like to create a package structure similar to the Fedora packaging.
I'm just struggling with the complicated file structure which leads to
pretty complicated PKG_CONTENTS strings.

So I was wondering, if cygport couldn't implement some sort of per-package
PKG_EXCLUDE technique, analogue to the %exclude directive in rpm spec
files.  For instance, consider a directory with lots of files, of which
only 2 or so shall be packaged separately.

Instead of complicated glob expressions like this:

  PKG_NAMES="foo bar baz"

  foo_CONTENTS="usr/bin/[ac-z]* \
  		usr/lib/foo/[ac-z]* \

  bar_CONTENTS="usr/bin/bar usr/lib/foo/bar"

  baz_CONTENTS="usr/bin/baz usr/lib/foo/baz"

you could write:

  PKG_NAMES="foo bar baz"

  foo_CONTENTS="usr/bin usr/lib/foo"
  foo_EXCLUDE="usr/bin/bar usr/bin/baz usr/lib/foo/ba*"

  bar_CONTENTS="usr/bin/bar usr/lib/foo/bar"

  baz_CONTENTS="usr/bin/baz usr/lib/foo/baz"

This is a simple example.  pl.spec from the Fedora pl package is a bit
more complicated.

Would that be very tricky to implement?


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