some cygport packaging issues

Thomas Wolff
Wed Aug 14 20:25:00 GMT 2013

(Packaging algol68g)
There are two warnings at the end:
*** Warning: setup.hint is missing
*** Warning: algol68g.hint is missing

What's the latter (algol68g.hint)?
The file setup.hint is in the same directory as the cygport file where
I invoked cygport. Does it need to be included in the package?
I see some packages generate it as a patch which I think is somewhat weird
as there is no version of it in a typical upstream package;
can it be submitted into the package just as plain file (i.e. does cygport
accept a file to be included not by patch)?


The upstream package installs two include files that are not actually 
needed on cygwin.
Can cygport be configured to exclude them from packaging?

(Packaging mined)

Cygport creates a postinstall file that doesn't seem to be necessary;
can I switch if off?
(I assume the following dependencies to desktop-file-utils and
shared-mime-info would also go away then?)
 >>> mined requires: bash desktop-file-utils libncurses10 shared-mime-info


One file to be deployed contains spaces in the filename; cygport chokes
on them:
sed: can't read usr/share/mined/setup_install/win/MinEd: No such file or 
sed: can't read Web: No such file or directory
sed: can't read Manual.url: No such file or directory


When linking, the first attempt fails because somehow cygport suppresses
a gcc link parameter which is included in the makefile ($(SLIB)) so
-lncurses is missing. Error message: *** ERROR: make failed
Interestingly, cygport recovers with another attempt and the original, 
makefile rule.
This happens only on 64 Bit; weird - why and how does it do that?


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