[PATCH 0/4] setup.exe

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Fri Feb 1 16:48:00 GMT 2013

Jon TURNEY writes:
> It looks to me that this might be removing the code which causes the Base
> category to get installed by default on the first install.  Have you tested
> that still happens?

I think there's a single combination of options where this indeed
occurs: a Base package is not installed nor requested _and_ a manual
package selection is in effect _and_ the "--upgrade-also" option has not
been given.  One could argue that this actually is what the user
requested to do, but since this is different from what happened with the
original code, I'll add a check for this situation (unless someone
argues that the old behaviour wasn't intended anyway).  For any other
combination of options, packagemeta::Default_action will arrange for the
installation/upgrade of those packages even when they're not explicitly

> I think this could have a name which better matches what it does
> (areManualPackageSelections?)

I've worked from the existing names for the two (now four) options, all
ending with "Option", I can certainly change the name.

> Since this is a variable name, not a type name, maybe it should start with a
> lower case letter?

All options related variable names already started with upper-case
letters, so I left it at that.

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