nuke cygwin legacy?

Christopher Faylor
Tue Feb 5 18:00:00 GMT 2013

On Tue, Feb 05, 2013 at 06:49:25PM +0100, Thomas Wolff wrote:
>Am 05.02.2013 18:41, schrieb Christopher Faylor:
>> Corinna +1'ed my suggestion that it was time to remove cygwin 1.5
>> support so I'm wondering if anyone has any objections to removing
>> 1.5 from
>> I was going to suggest this a few months ago and mention that the Cygwin
>> Time Machine was an alternative but it looks like that service is no
>> longer available.
>> So, as an alternative, we could advertise that the directory is going
>> away on the main web page for a month before nuking it.
>I had thought that support had stopped anyway, just keeping the files 

The Cygwin 1.5 support was for setup.exe.  We could just stop releasing
new versions of setup.exe for 1.5 but that isn't really completely
viable since we occasionally have to fix security violations.  Maintaining
legacy support in the current setup sources is a pain so we should get
rid of it.

>I used to run an old laptop with Windows ME until recently and maybe 
>there's an ME or Windows 2000 surviving in some virtual machine...
>For owners of old hardware, there is also some Linux installations still 
>available that fit into something like 20MB, so why not keep cygwin for 

Because it is taking space on the web site and on and
there is no good reason for it to be offered anymore.  If there are
virtual machines running ME then, if they haven't installed Cygwin 1.5
by now, there is no reason to assume that they will need it.

Additionally, except for setup.exe, there have been no bug fixes or
security fixes in 1.5 so we're offering buggy, insecure software on our


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