nuke cygwin legacy?

Yaakov (Cygwin/X)
Wed Feb 6 01:58:00 GMT 2013

On Tue, 5 Feb 2013 13:00:43 -0500, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Because it is taking space on the web site and on and
> there is no good reason for it to be offered anymore.  If there are
> virtual machines running ME then, if they haven't installed Cygwin 1.5
> by now, there is no reason to assume that they will need it.
> Additionally, except for setup.exe, there have been no bug fixes or
> security fixes in 1.5 so we're offering buggy, insecure software on our
> site.

Which, in and of itself, is reason to drop it.  FWIW, I deleted legacy
files from Ports a few months ago without complaint. 


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