[RFC] Incremental autorebase

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Wed Feb 6 20:06:00 GMT 2013

I've updated the incremental autorebase package to work with additional
dynamic languages (most notably ruby) and to take advantage of the
"perpetual" postinstall scripts that I'm proposing in another post.  If
anybody is aware of further places that would need to be inspected for
dynamic objects the user might have installed without adding a proper
Cygwin package, please let me know and I'll add these as well.  I
currently err on the side of caution, for instance it would usually be
enough to check site_perl, since vendor_perl should have only packaged
libraries.  I may make the script more selective later, suggestions and
comments towards that goal are also welcome.


The first installation and then each re-installation of the package will
trigger a full rebase of the installed Cygwin.  Together with the
above-mentioned change to setup.exe each update, install (or simply
letting setup.exe do nothing by keeping all packages) will incrementally
rebase the installed Cygwin.

This should pretty much ensure that problems that are fixable by
rebasing should be taken care of with no instructions more complicated
then "re-install the _incautorebase package via setup.exe" ever
necessary.  If it needs to get any more fool-proof or user-friendly, the
first screen that setup.exe shows could even have a freindly green
button just for doing either a full or an incremental rebase and nothing

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