[PATCH] setup: implement "perpetual" postinstall scripts

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Wed Feb 6 20:06:00 GMT 2013

This is another patch against setup (on top of my earlier series,
although I think it'd also apply against the current CVS head).  The
objective is to provide postinstall scripts that are never marked
".done" and hence will run at each installation without having to
re-install the package that provided them.  I intend to use this for the
incremental autorebase, which is why these scripts has been arranged to
run before any other postinstall scripts (this ensures that the system
is already properly rebased when these are finally run).  I expect that
some other housekeeping tasks (like updating the info directory) could
benefit some a similar arrangement.

The patch implements these scripts by using an "_always" suffix before
the file extension.  It would actually be easier to implement and
require less changes if the perpetual scripts would be separated into
their own directory.  I'd implement this if consensus could be reached
where this directory should be located.  I'm not sure a subdirectory
under /etc/postinstall would work, but if it does this seems the most
straightforward.  If so, it would likely also make sense to have another
directory for such scripts to be run _after_ all normal postinstalls.

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