[RFU] [for Python 2.7] bzr-fastimport-0.13.0-2

Ken Brown kbrown@cornell.edu
Sun Feb 10 19:35:00 GMT 2013

On 2/1/2013 8:51 AM, Ken Brown wrote:
> D=http://sanibeltranquility.com/cygwin/release/bzr
> wget -x -nH --cut-dirs=2 \
>    ${D}/bzr-fastimport/bzr-fastimport-0.13.0-2.tar.bz2 \
>    ${D}/bzr-fastimport/bzr-fastimport-0.13.0-2-src.tar.bz2

Could someone please add python-fastimport to the "requires" of 
bzr-fastimport?  I would have sworn it was there, so I didn't upload a 
new setup.hint.  But it seems to be missing from the current setup.ini.



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