[PATCH 1/4] setup.exe

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Mon Feb 11 19:40:00 GMT 2013

Christopher Faylor writes:
> Would you consider rebundling your patch so that it only includes
> --remove-packages and --remove-categories options?  Those are obviously
> missing command-line functionality.

I'll consider anything that makes them more acceptable.  BTW, I've just
renamed the "--remove-packages" short option to "-p" so that it rhymes
more easily with the opposite "-P" (like it's already the case for

> Regarding the autorebase changes, I am not against the idea of implementing
> a general purpose mechanism to have setup.exe "do something" when it notices
> certain file patterns being added or deleted.

That actually is another useful thing, yes.  But I specifically wanted
something that does not depend on setup.ini changing since that lets me
do some housekeeping tasks even when setup.exe would otherwise determine
that it hasn't anything to do.  Again, this is maybe not generally
useful for a single user, but with central deployment onto machines that
can have very different starting points it helps a lot.

This could of course be implemented in a different way (I think it
should become simpler in the code actually), like having a special
post-setup run directory to which to install such scripts or providing
another setup.ini key to mark these packages.

>  This would move the current
> 'autodep' functionality from the "upset" program which creates setup.ini into
> setup.exe itself.
> This is the contents of _autorebase's setup.hint:
> sdesc: "Run rebaseall automatically"
> #external-source: rebase
> category: _PostInstallLast
> requires: rebase dash
> autodep: .*/[^/]*\.(?:dll|so|oct)$
> incver_ifdep: yes

I've been wondering about this before... the other autodependency is on
cygwin, IIRC.

> I'm willing to move the autodep into setup.ini if someone is willing to
> handle regex parsing like that in setup.  It would probably need to look
> something like:
> autodep: .*/[^/]*\.(?:dll|so|oct)$
> autorun: /path/to/program
> If we do something like this we can clean up the handling of .info files
> too.

I'll have a look.  I don't remember seeing any regex stuff already there
that I could piggyback on (a simple list of extensions to test against
might be easier than pulling in a globbing library), but I found to my
surprise that setup.exe would be perfectly capable of resolving
versioned dependencies (although I'm not quite certain exactly how the
syntax would look and it has probably never been tested).

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