[PATCH 1/4] setup.exe

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Wed Feb 13 19:10:00 GMT 2013

Christopher Faylor writes:
> Regarding the autorebase changes, I am not against the idea of implementing
> a general purpose mechanism to have setup.exe "do something" when it notices
> certain file patterns being added or deleted.  This would move the current
> 'autodep' functionality from the "upset" program which creates setup.ini into
> setup.exe itself.

I've had a brief look, I would not want to add another (regex) library
to the sources, but if std::regex can be used (I haven't checked which
version of gcc first had it), this should not be too difficult to

Another question is how to call this, I'd rather use "autorun" rather
than "autodep" (but I haven't really made up my mind).  The semantics
would roughly be that the package plus its dependencies must be
installed and then whenever the autorun regex matches, a script that has
been installed with the package is run.  Those scripts should not be in
/etc/postinstall and for general use it would probably be useful to be
able to chose if it gets run before or after the postinstall scripts.

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