[PATCH 1/4] setup.exe

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Wed Feb 13 21:25:00 GMT 2013

Christopher Faylor writes:
> The autodep/autorun wasn't an either/or.  We need the autodep and, while

As I understand (and this might be wrong as I don't know what upset is
doing), autodep adds that package to the requires of another package if
the dependency regex matches for any files installed by that other
package, unless the regex in noautodep also matches.  Additionally, the
version of the autodep'ed package is incremented if incver_ifdep is set
to "yes", which has the effect that the package will be re-installed
(setup.exe sees it has a newer version) and hence the postinstall script
will run again.

When doing this from within setup.exe, without manipulating the version
in setup.ini, there are again two things to take care of: the autodep
part, that is adding the autodep'ed package to the requires list so that
the package will be installed; then the "consider this package updated"
part that will lead to re-installation.

However, the sole purpose of making the package appear updated is (today
at least) to run the postinstall script again.  My suggestion was that
the part of running a script whenever another package installs certain
file patterns should be a separate (additional) functionality.  You
couldn't do this with upset, but you can when it moves into setup.exe.
I was not suggesting to drop the autodep functionality, although
currently it would have no real use (cygwin doesn't need it since it is
already special cased in setup.exe via the "base" category).

> you may need the ability to unconditionally run programs whenever
> setup.exe is executed, the Cygwin project don't.  However, you could get
> the behavior you want with autodep with something like:
> autodep: .

Please forget the red herring of this always-run script for a moment, it
really is another discussion.

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