[PATCH] setup.exe

green fox mail.green.fox@gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 19:32:00 GMT 2013

Chris, language please.

The problem in lack of decent package manager is something most of us here
know for a long time. Hope everyone agrees on this point.

Here we're just focusing to concentrate the work,
refactor what key items we need, or can leave out with, re-use and such.

At the same time, things must be kept running.
So a workaround (for the mean time) is needed.
We know that setup.exe is not enough.
And as clealy noted, this setup-<whatever>.ini thing is a _workaround_
We need a package manager to allow routine package management tasks to
be accomplished in a single command.

We need
1- a consistent user interface
2- automated package installation
3- upgrading and searching
4- package removal
5- package builder
6- lookup of package dependency
7- bootstrap cygwin to a clean env
8- generate/modify setup.ini and customize

 *And everyting must be script-ready*

let me know if I left something out

The existing and runing system does not allow one to specify a version
for a given package/
what if package foo 3.1.6 had changed ABI, and 3.1.x (other thatn 6)
restored the old ABI.
if we have a dependency from bar, either
A) if bar is compiled with 3.1.6 , then make sure foo is against 3.1.6 as well
B) or check that foo != 3.1.6 , and double check that bar is compiled
for version != 3.1.6

Version control using  prev|curr|test is not the right way to do things, IMHO

I hope this is clear enough example for _one_ of the many reasons why
we need and write workarounds.

As a side note
libzypp =>Depends on mingw boost C++  gtk e2fsporg and so forth...
I really like the algorithm they have, but we need it running quick,
cheap, and simple.
have not looked into it, but if it matches our requirements, prahaps a
option. not sure yet.

One of the reasons we sill have perl/awk/shell scripts to roll things out, is
when things break, its not that hard to fix/patch a workaround.


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